See What My Clients Have to Say!

Jinous K

Hands down my favorite photographer. Lauren is extremely creative and  talented. She goes above and beyond every time to make sure the photos are exceptional. My photographer for the last ten years. There aren’t enough great things to say about Lauren’s skills. I always recommend her!!

Fyodor S

I would gladly and highly recommend Lauren Herrmann for any and all photography work. Be it portraiture, indoor/outdoor events or product photography, Lauren can capture professional looking images or get creative with a number of unique cameras and lenses to make your photo session really stand out. She has an acute sense and understanding of timing, angle and light, and her wedding photography is some of the most creative I have seen!

Jessie M

Lauren Herrmann is a super talented, reliable, and professional photographer. She shot my wedding back in 2012 and I was so pleased with the whole process. She took the time to scout the wedding/reception site with me, spend time with my then fiance and I, and made me feel comfortable on a very stressful day. Her photographic style is enchanting and I knew from seeing her work that she was going to be a good fit for my style. She shot predominately digital on the day of, but also did some rolls of film at my request. Those were really exciting and special to have. Lauren also provided me with my own copies of ALL of the photos and got everything to me quickly. After looking through the photos she designed a really great photo album for my family. Lauren is excellent to work with, makes good work, is reliable, and competitively priced. I cannot recommend her enough.

Gabrielle H

We were very happy to have Lauren as our wedding photographer! She captured so many amazing images, both posed and candid, that I had a lot of trouble choosing between them for our album. She has a great sense of artistry and a way of capturing moments that made even this bride (who hates having her picture taken) say "Wow, that's me!" I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer.

Sarak K

My husband and I highly recommend Ms. Herrmann and her associates. They were able to help us preserve our memories in a way that was not only fun but also represented our personalities. It should be mentioned that neither my husband or myself is very comfortable in front of a camera. This is not at all evident, however, in our photos. We are very happy with how our wedding was captured and could not have chosen a better company.

Lindsey L-T

As a photographer myself there is no one else I would turn to for capturing moments in time. Lauren has drawn forth my essence in fashion and branding photography and film. She also provided my husband and me with visionary photos of our wedding reception. Having known Lauren for almost two decades I have stood as witness to her unending creativity and ingenious way of translating meaningful moments into timeless works of art. Beyond everything you would want in a photographer—professionalism, affordable prices, and timely images—Lauren provides a unique and matchless eye for detail, grace, and beauty.

Synthia L

We were so lucky to have Lauren available to help us with our engagement photos and capture our wedding and reception. She is extremely quick at putting us at ease and our pictures are evidence of this fact. It was such a relief to have one less thing to worry about on the day of our wedding. We knew our pictures would turn out beautifully. Lauren candidly caught our friends and family in moments of joy and happiness. These photographs have become treasures to us that we will proudly share with family for generations to come.

Karen H

Lauren did both weddings for our daughters when they married. We were all very happy with the results. The weddings and reception were very different from each other and each had unique and memorable moments captured. I know both girls were pleased.

Sholeh M

Lauren took photos for our post-wedding photoshoot (in our wedding attire!). She helped us be more creative and those are still my favorite shots from our wedding. She is calm, kind, and a total professional. She can switch between several different styles. I have also participated in several different photoshoots with her since then and she is always fantastic to work with.

Steve K

Lauren's work is fantastic and has an amazing eye for capturing the right moments in time at the best angles. She did a wonderful job photographing our wedding. We also love her other photo work, which proudly hangs on the walls of our apartment. Thanks Lauren!!

Justin H

Lauren did a great job photographing our wedding. She got some fun shots, artistic shots, was willing to work with unruly child subjects, very professional, highly recommended.

Melissa D

We had such a great experience with Lauren as our wedding photographer. She was energetic, professional, and our photos turned out absolutely beautiful. We highly recommend her!

Leanna H

Lauren and her associate Mojdeh took care of photographing everything and even used a vintage medium format camera for some unique candid shots. I didn't have to worry about a thing the entire day, photography-wise. The pictures turned out spectacular!